Berkshire Wedding Venue Answers Your Question:¬†“How to Choose a Wedding Photographer?”

In the blog below, wedding manager Lisa Barnes from Berkshire wedding venue Shaw House in Newbury, answers your question “How to choose a wedding photographer?”

Wedding Photographers – Where to Start?

There are few elements of your wedding that will last as long as your wedding photographs. For years to come these will be the testimony of your special day. Therefore it’s about as important as it gets to make sure you have picked the right photographer to capture these precious memories.

There are no shortage of wedding photographers. Their photographic style, how they work and the cost can all vary massively. So where do you start in choosing the right photographer to capture your wedding day?

Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Tip 1

Take a look around at the different styles of photographer. Do you want formal group shots? Fine art photography? Candid shots? Or something quite funky? As a couple you’ll need to decide what suits and your wedding day?

Tip Two

Budget. Yes I’m afraid its that killer question when it comes to planning your wedding. How much is it going to cost?¬† Photography charges can vary massively, from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. When comparing your short list make sure you are comparing like for like. What do you get for your money? Is a pre-wedding session included? How long do they stay at the wedding? Is there a second shooter? How many images do you get, in what format? Is an album included? Don’t forget to ask them about their editing process. Wedding photography is not just about turning up on the wedding day and taking some pictures. There are endless hours of editing thousands of pictures into a collection of perfectly crafted photographs.

Tip Three

Location & Availability. Most photographers will travel for a wedding. Understand if there’s additional costs involved in this. Most will have a radius they’re happy to work within at no extra charge, know where you stand with this. The photographer usually gets booked just after the venue has been booked so don’t delay to long if you’ve your heart set on a particular photographer.

Tip Four

Ask your venue. Most venues will have a list of suppliers they’re used to working with. The photographers in this case will know the venue intimately. They’ll know those little nooks & crannies around the venue or the grounds where the best photographs happen. In particular if your photographer is new to your venue then make sure they go and visit the wedding manager at the venue for a tour before the big day.

Tip Five

Do you gel? Most people don’t enjoy getting their photograph taken. But on your wedding day its going to happen a lot. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer. The more relaxed you can feel the better the pictures. This is why most photographers will want to do a pre-wedding shoot with you. It’s about getting to know you as a couple and you getting to know them. That way on the day you’ll feel much more relaxed around them.

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