Berkshire Wedding Venue Picks Wedding Themes for 2019

In this blog post Berkshire wedding venue, Shaw House, in Newbury picks their top 2019 wedding themes.

How to pick a wedding theme

Are you thinking of choosing a theme for your wedding?

Are you overloaded with the imagery on Pinterest and Instagram? And now you’re not sure where to start.

A theme can help you make important decisions with regards to your venue, your dress and the style and colours of your flowers and decorations. However it doesn’t have to be a full on theatrical themed masterpiece, with all the cast in fancy dress and a set to match any west end production. A theme can be as simple as a ‘hint’ on the table plan and table names. You could add a touch a ‘seaside’ in the flowers and decorations, without hiring in a sandpit and deck chairs.

The first step in choosing your wedding theme is to reflect something that means something to you both as a couple. Places you’ve visited, your hobbies and interests. Sit down together and brainstorm your associated connections and ideas. What are your own personal tastes and preferences. Narrow that down to a top three list of ‘themes’ you are both happy with. From that you can start to look at venues and see if any of these might naturally fit into your theme.

Take a look at our 3 top wedding themes for 2019:

Go Green

Yes an abundance of green foliage is still very much in vogue for 2019 flowers. But going green is more than just a colour scheme. Many couples now are opting for an environmentally friendly wedding. From the obvious choice of an eco-friendly venue with no plastics policies to looking at their catering suppliers eco-credentials and using only locally , in season sourced ingredients.

Black, is the new Black

Although whimsical romanticism will never be out of fashion there is a growing trend for black accessories to a wedding.  Black cutlery, crockery and linens can all look stunning in the right setting. These darker colours work well with a modernist theme or go crazy with some splashes of retro colour.

Geometric & Metals

Geometric structures and metallic colours will still very much be in for the 2019 wedding. Crisp white linens with green foliage or succulents against cooper geometric structures will make yours a very ‘on-trend’ wedding. Don’t forget to personalise your settings with table names, or favours that reflect you both as a couple.

Looking for a Berkshire Wedding Venue?

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