Newbury Wedding Venue Answers your Wedding Questions.

In this blog post Newbury Wedding venue, Shaw House, answers that eternal question every soon to be married couple asks,  “what to do if it rains on our wedding day?”

Have a Rainy Day Plan

Sounds obvious but no matter what month you get married in the Great British weather cannot be relied upon. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed fair-weather month. Talk to your wedding venue about the various options that are available if it rains. Ask if your wedding venue accommodate all your guests inside should the heavens open. Remember if you’re having an outdoor wedding ask the wedding venue what their rainy weather contingency plans are.

If you’re planning on getting married outside, it is likely that it will be the registrar who will make the final decision as to if the wedding can take place outdoors or not. This will not be decided by the wedding venue. One of the key concerns of the registrar will be about the marriage register documentation and their priority will be that it will need to be kept dry at all times. If you’re planning on an outdoor ceremony talk to the registrars about their plans if it rains. They may already know the wedding venue and be aware of the rain contingency.

Here at Shaw House we discuss the various options with our couples long before the big day, so that all parties know what will happen come rain or shine.

Be Prepared

As well as having your rainy-day plan what other things might you need on hand to minimise the impact of rain on your wedding day?

Umbrellas for the main wedding party are a great idea. Do you know if these are provided by your wedding venue? Very often your wedding car hire company will have some in the boot just in case, but it might be worth checking.

Don’t forget to check what the umbrellas look like? Remember these might form part of your primary wedding photographs so don’t leave it to chance if you’re after a particular look. Why not buy a couple of your own umbrellas that fit in with your theme just to be sure.

Check the Forecast

I know its often said that the weather forecast can sometimes be unreliable. But even so do start to take a look at it from about 5 days out. If the forecast is predicting rain on your wedding day think about what measures, you might want to take. Do you and the bridesmaids need some funky wellies on hand to protect those satin heels?

Don’t worry

Not even the most zealous bridezilla can influence the weather and what will be will be. As long as you have a back up plan in place with your wedding venue then everything will be fine. Its rare that it will rain for the entirety of your wedding day so try not to worry about something you have no control over. And if it does rain why not make the most of it?  Some of the most beautiful wedding photographs I’ve seen have been taken in the rain. Just take a look at the beautiful picture below taken by Megan Guard Photography one of the photographers in the Shaw House weddings team of trusted partners.

Umbrella picture by megan guard- newbury wedding venue

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