Newbury Wedding Venue Manager – What to Ask Your Wedding Venue

With so many engagements over the Christmas period we asked our Newbury Wedding Venue Manager, Lisa Norgate-Barnes, what to ask your wedding venue when you have your viewing. So that you, the newly engaged couple, have a check list of questions to ask when visiting prospective wedding venues.

Shaw House Weddings Manager Lisa Says:

It’s really important to make sure you’re comparing like with like. All venues will display their prices differently. There are wedding venues who don’t charge a venue hire as such, but you have to use their caterers and suppliers are all in-house. Others, like Shaw House, offer more flexibility with regards to an upfront hire fee, but you then have to factor in the additional costs of your suppliers.

My top questions to ask a wedding venue are as follows:

  1. Compare like with like. Get the venue hire, catering and drinks prices from your venues.
  2. Are there any hidden extras? What does the price include? The tablecloths, napkins, furniture, staff, cake cutting, bar staff, cleaning, set-up / break down, VAT, corkage, drinks can all be things that venues might charge you for separately.
  3. What are the different prices for the seasons of the year? Do they differ at all?
  4. Are you licensed for ceremonies? Are there any restrictions on the ceremonies? For more details on the registrars in Newbury please see their website here
  5. What is your hire period? Find out when you have access to the house and when does their music and alcohol licence finish?
  6. Can you collect items/cars the next day?
  7. Can you use your own suppliers? Are there any additional charges for this?
  8. Who does the set up on the morning re decorations etc. Who takes them down again at night? Is there a charge for this?
  9. What else may be going on in the building on the day of your wedding? Who else has access?
  10. Are they any restrictions in place re fireworks / noise limits / candles?
  11. Details of the deposit and final payment terms.
  12. What are the cancellation terms?
  13. For the day itself, what is the process re logistics? Ask your venue who the point of contact is in the build up to the wedding day? How much contact do you have with the venue? Who helps organise things? Who is the point of contact on the day?
  14. What penalties may be charged for damage / breakages?

Once you have asked the above questions you can then start to build a comparative picture from the venues you have spoken with and visited.

Are you looking for your ideal wedding venue in Newbury, Berkshire?

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